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> Youth is a pen that write
сообщение Jun 14 2019, 06:00
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Youth is a pen that writes about our great years; youth is a book that sings the Spring and Autumn Period; youth is a painting that depicts a great blueprint for life. Whose youth, in the age of the water, stumbled and grew, leaving a touch of intoxicating scenery Marlboro Cigarettes. The books of youth are colorful, the book is opened, but it has never been closed, and the scenes of the curtain are displayed in front of the green. Friendship faint friendship, like an evergreen tree, always shows strong vitality. I have never forgotten that there is an umbrella in the rain, Yang Tian rides a bicycle, and laughs together and laughs blue. I will never forget, the mother who worked hard for housework day and night, the younger brother who made me happy when I was sad, the kindly grandparents, the lovely grandfather, they are the blue in my life, as clear as the sky, blue and red. Love love is not vigorous, nor romantic and colorful, but faint, long flowing. My boyfriend never took my hand, never led me through a road, even a little dull, but when I was helpless when I was sad, it would give me some comfort Carton Of Cigarettes, it is enough. Love is the color of red youth is fascinating, the footsteps of youth are deep and shallow, and the songs of youth reverberate. Youth is a book, the book is opened, but it has never been closed on the red dust, complaining about a song away from the hustle and bustle, flying over the past, smashing the sun, weak water three thousand only to read Lang, screaming hurricane, after years of forgetting. I am looking up to you thousands of miles away, across the front of the house. The silky feelings are brewing in the middle of the night, flowing. You said that I don't understand your sorrow Marlboro Gold, barely like a child, the songs on the list are still playing in a loop, but the people who miss it let me break my heart. Leave a spring breeze in the palm of your hand, or hi or swear, the first time you meet you on the imaginary online, your handsome personality and the habit of loving pictures make me shine, just like this, you walked into me The world that has long been distorted, the lonely night is not set against the rhythm is cheerful and smooth, the whole process is filled with joy and sadness. I forgot how many nights, you stayed with me in the middle of the night Newport Cigarettes Coupons, wandering far away, and dawn was lost. On this little road, we tacitly looked at each other, but we didn��t know that from that moment, the sad bells Has been ringing. A glass of sake, lips and teeth Cigarettes For Sale. A bowl of soup, warm heart. The fireworks are cold and the love is deep. I played for a thousand years in the night, but I didn��t see a word that reached your dusty heart. You smiled and said, don't worry about it, I don't care if my broken heart adds a new wound. Trouble, parting, sing, and my heart is gone. If I am in your heart, what is the enemy of three thousand? I like to walk in the old streets and watch the green creeper crawl over the entire wall. The vitality of life is always burning my desire for life. Listening to the sound of the rain, it is the hope of my life. I carefully collect everything about you and put it in place. The loneliness of the end of the song, not to say, the ashes after the burning of the dream, a burst of wind, it fell into the red dust, scattered in one place
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