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The umbrella shop of the old man, on the narrow street, said that it was a "shop". In fact, only a partition was placed between the two houses, and various parts with arms and legs were placed inside. The timing of being appointed. There are a lot of umbrellas on the outside of the partitions. The cloths are silky and unrecognizable. The old man puts a Maza in the interval caused by the shuttle handles, which seems to be the commander of the whole army. There are countless problems with the umbrellas that have been busy in the store, and the requirements for people who repair umbrellas are not the same. "Grandpa, my umbrella is rusted, can I repair it?" "Grandpa, my umbrella has burned a hole. Can you give me some supplements?" "Sorry, I want to change the umbrella." When can the parts be taken?" The old man should take it one by one, or turn the umbrella over and over to "appreciate" it again. He sighed and said: "Hey, it is not worth repairing. I will give you the idea, I can buy a new one." I still try to buy it. Of course, most of the time I always see him surrounded by umbrellas Marlboro Gold, and I always see him bow his head and fix his umbrella. His eyes are fixed on the thread on the umbrella, but his hand is like magic, like a sewing machine. The front and back are moving and dancing, mastering the extremely precise rhythm and rhythm, one on the other, one on the other... The gaze deepens into the broken umbrella with the needle, as if there is a line in the eyes, and the white line in the hand Convergence, suture together. When the rib is to be repaired, the umbrella is inverted, and the rib and the "skin" joint are pressed. When the screwdriver is turned, the face instantly turns red, the right hand five fingers are tightened like a bow, and the reading glasses slide down to the corner of the mouth to think of pushing. After a while, the breath of the breath is like the martial arts Shen Dantian. After that, take the partition and take a pack of metal parts that have been classified into a good type. Use a simple descaling solution and a brush to wipe back and forth, and release the sleeping iron piece from the rust cage. An umbrella was repaired, and it was already in the evening. Xihui sprinkled on the "new" umbrella that just reconstituted the family, and also painted the outer edge of the old man's back. The old man was like a golden statue. The sun looked at his "work". The old man looked at the umbrella that had just been repaired, and exhaled a breath of gas on the street just half a step away. The car was screaming and swallowing gray smoke. The shop selling food and selling fruits and selling drinks across the street was busy. The oil pan is screaming, the little child is screaming and laughing, you push me. And the old man here, only the silently repaired umbrella. The repaired umbrella is taken in the hand, the road Thanks, the price is already fixed: random. A perfect umbrella to cover the sun Cigarettes Online, to provide color under the gray sky, to provide warmth and indifference in the raging rainstorm, to make the beauty of the people more dazzling, let A lonely person can accompany the old man to concentrate on Repairing, combining umbrellas and ribs, and giving the United States a batch of pedestrians. His note makes that although the environment is small and simple, there are fewer and fewer people who are practicing umbrellas, and the elderly can do everything in the world Cheap Cigarettes. To the extreme, live your life.
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