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сообщение Nov 25 2020, 11:19
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Hey everyone! Ok, I understand RuneScape took away Pk'ing but today they've"Pk'ing worlds". Now I never Pk'ed at the wilderness before but today I would like to do the Pk'ing worlds. So I please need some Pk'ing advice which includes: 1. Which combat type should I use? (melee, range, mage) 2. What should I wear and what should I have in inventory? I can not think of anymore but throw in anything you can think of... I'd really like to RS gold hear from people who do the Pk'ing worlds!!!

My older primary got prohibited. His title is All_boy_Fool. He was banned for something really dumb. He'd 0 blackmarks. Someone hacked me. I recovered. Somehow, he recovered again. So I regained back, doing everything I can to prevent him. . But no. He recovered. He must've gotten my advice. Keylogger or something. I recovered, logged in, and it was banned. So. I have a new chief. I have already tried submitting a question, etc.. He was 1799 overall.

So far, I've decided I want to be a skiller. I like high overall levels. However, I really don't wish to be a combat noob. I want to OSRS buy gold do quests, all good stuff. It is my main. Getting it to 70 or so, then fletching/firemaking. Hopefully with all the money I have earned I can acquire smithing to 60. I'll probably work on agility/thieving after that. Or maybe hunter. Anyways - the purpose of the whole discussion. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY COMBAT STATS? I've considered a one defense pure. I've considered a zerker. I HAVEN'T A CLUE. Another main, maybe?
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