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> On the holidays, I went to
сообщение Mar 7 2019, 11:02
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On the holidays, I went to visit relatives and friends, and the relatives who had been scattered all over the country had to be reunited all year round. The flowers were blooming, and the surface of the fire cooking oil was so lively, but I was sentimental, such as a piece of meteorite across my chest. They are no longer as neat as they were when they were children, and they are not as intimate as they were when they were children. On the day of the big birthday family feast, I still hide behind the crowd. She called me a little girl. In fact, we are only four years old. We only think that we are peers. They are all introverted. We are relatively speechless. They play mobile phones. Trying to find words, but I don't know what topic she is interested in now. At that moment, I hope that my personality will be wiped out. We used to talk about it. Our once-worthy gadgets have been playing hard. I have experienced the dangers and will automatically enter the role into me and her. Changed us, can't play those naive games anymore, can't jump and jump and lose the solemnity of adults. In fact, my heart is very important to each other, but it stops at the lips and teeth. I am afraid that one day we will not see each other and move like a participant Marlboro Lights Carton. When we don't move often, we will be alienated. When I gradually understand, I don't want to know. Relatives are the connection caused by blood relations Newport 100S Carton. Chinese people have always paid attention to relatives, and this is reflected in the big family of Chinese society. Fei Xiaotong talks about social relations in "Local China": "With "self" as the center, like a stone, it is usually put into the water, and the social relationship with others is not like the molecules in the group. It is like the ripples of water. When a circle is pushed out, it is getting farther and farther, and it is getting thinner and thinner. The same is true of relatives. According to the close relationship of blood relationship, the thickness of human feelings is divided. It also applies from the point of view of time. As time goes by, the frequency of relatives and visits is getting lower and lower, and the relationship is getting weaker. The bond of their feelings is the old man at home, and the head of the meeting is the old man. Feelings can usually only last two to three generations Cigarettes For Sale Online. To the fourth generation, they are already self-family, and they don��t know each other. Once the bond breaks, the distant relatives are not as close as the neighbors. What's more, relatives and relatives have won the six parents for their interests. This is not uncommon in the history of the royal family. In the process of urbanization, the rural population flows to the city, and many people are drifting out of the outside, which is the inevitable result of social progress. My brothers and sisters have all become married, and their children have become a new life, and the geographical distance is getting farther and farther. Coupled with the difference in cultural level Newport Cigarettes Carton, the distance of the heart is far away from the prayer to retain everything Marlboro Lights 100S, but not as expected, nothing will last forever, and the people who are with us are more friends. It is difficult for us to walk together in this awkward world.
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