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сообщение Dec 2 2019, 05:48
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I finally reached the age of envy when I was young, but I did not become the person I envy when I was a child. --Inscription I was naughty when I was young. But no matter where I go, my father and mother will find me and pull me home. So much so that I admire children older than me, because they don't have parents and moms to follow and control them. As a kid, I was envious of children older than me. Whenever I see them, they are standing up with good friends, walking on the street carefree, enjoying their own time, I will have envy from the bottom of my heart, and I want to have the same laughter and laughter. When I was young, I always envy the seniors around me. I hope to be as talented and as glorious as they are ... everything, I want to have the same talents as they are now, when I grow up, when I was a kid, I am envious of age. I gradually learned to talk back to my mother, to get angry with my parents, and even to quarrel and drop things with them. However, I did not become the person I admired as a kid. Whenever I quarrel with my parents, I see the mother's heartache, and I hear the father's heavy sigh. This scene was printed in my eyes and heart, making me regret it, I regret that I could not hold back. I thought of a poem written by Wang Guozhen: "Please forgive me and betray your patterns and principles. If you belong to history and the times need me, I cannot walk in front of you, and you cannot stop the bells from ringing at dawn. When I was a kid, I always envied those brothers and sisters who grew up, and also wanted to be the kind of person who honored their parents and did not lose their temper. But now, at this age, I have failed to realize my childhood wishes. I I wrote my promise with a pencil, but erased the promise I had written with the "eraser" of time, so instead of writing with a pencil, I left a "trace" of the promise with action. I am getting harder and harder to discipline, and I like to sing with my mother. The ending of each time ends when I fall into the room and enter the room. Every time I see or hear it, she cries and swallows, my heart There will be a twitch. I have no way to control my emotions, and I hope that I am no longer this "unrecognizable" me. I began to try to change, and my mother took a step back ... I finally understood Wang Guozhen's poem "A thousand mothers, will have a thousand kinds of love; one thousand kinds of love, but it is a kind of feeling Marlboro Red. "I don't know why, when I grow up, I miss me when I was a kid. At that time, I was carefree and enjoyed the love of my parents-meticulous care, no need to worry about anything; now I Marlboro Cigarettes, enjoy With the pressure from parents, the pressure from teachers, and the invisible competition pressure from classmates, all of them seem to say to me silently: "You have grown up Parliament Cigarettes, you have to learn to manage your own affairs, you have to learn Overcome the difficulties myself. "Every time I think of these things, I will quietly cheer myself up. At the age when I was envious when I was a kid, I have never been able to be an envy when I was a kid. My youth time, I believe it will become the most wonderful Youth time!

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