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> Today's rain and pattering
сообщение May 13 2019, 11:40
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Today's rain and pattering seems to have a tendency to stay asleep, and the gloomy weather is not good with the whole person's mood. Even if it is on the weekend, it will bring a little comfort to June. It is also a season that will face the difference. It is not sad, but it is also mixed with a trace of uneasiness. The ignorant age, once looked at the confused look outside the window, will always be a little more distressed, and I want to stop this moment. Do not discuss the purpose of life, do not pursue the footprints left by time Marlboro Red Extrea Shorts, just rely on time, more extra lazy, I am an old man. Old people, old things, and old scenery. Those old years that used to go together, you can seriously recall the scenery here, but it was slap in the face. Nostalgia has become a trace of indifference in the notes, and how to cover the inner blanks. Walking at the fork, I can't bear to let you go. Just turning away from you, you can see the road we walked together, and the time spent walking together with the song of nostalgia, just like the days we used to be together, happy, and sad. At the age of ignorance, I have experienced complex feelings. The embarrassment buried in my heart will be painful every time. You say that time is a good medicine, and why it has lost its effect in me. Is it that it has been in my heart for too long, inseparable, and it is a place that we will endure occasionally, where we used to be. However, it has become unrecognizable and lost its former taste. Have you ever walked through the road we have traveled and looked for familiar landscapes. You have also discovered, lost the soul, in the good body is just a display, but now your life is good Newport Cartons Sold In Kentucky, whether it is like me or sometimes can not be calm, not forgetting the time. The old man is not because of disappointment, but the beautiful precipitation of those times has become a sand river, deep and meaningful. This is the state of my present. There are few friends around. I don��t blame me for being too high, but I feel that my parents are constantly instilling a thought. The high school friends are not allowed to be deeply involved. I was opposed at the beginning. After all, I have been together for so many years. It��s absolutely impossible to say that feelings are absolutely impossible. But more and more, I feel that the experience of the seniors is really accurate. Although we don't have any actual interest relationship at this time, there are always some people who "have a long-term vision" and then start to "prepare" for the future. Speaking a little more. Is it a matter of playing the heart and mind, everyone must have, just a little more and less. People who don't have the heart will suffer, and those who are too heavy will not end well. After all, living in society, the world is at a glance, but even if they play the game, they are not a threat, because they are very good and shortcomings that seem to be meaningless to mature people. They like it very much. Grab it and occasionally drill the horns. I don��t know that some of the headaches can be put down very easily. Therefore, it is only in accordance with your own ideas and opinions when dealing with people, and it is a headache for people who understand it. In other words, it is impossible to communicate. Let's just say, let's just let an 18-year-old guy teach a child in the first grade how to behave. I don't mean how mature I am, to enlarge it, it is like a person in his twenties who teaches a man in his teens. It seems difficult, right. (The one that is easy to say is an exception) is like what adults often say. When you grow up, you will understand, so it is definitely not easy to understand now. Can't communicate or be good, it's easy to be impulsive, just take me to give an example. There is a friend around me who usually loves impulsiveness and does not want to think about the consequences. I was so excited when I met something, and I often found someone to suffocate. So we were close to ta who were victims Newport Cigarettes Coupons For Sale. I am a person who has a bad character, but after experiencing more, I am slowly becoming easygoing. So other people have to make trouble, I generally can't control it. Even if it is a violation of me, I generally don't have any radical actions. Compared with me, even if I make mistakes, I rarely apologize to others, just silently. Think about it now, it will be biased towards others, no matter who is wrong, and finally I will come to the round. I ate so many losses, there was no good result. Sometimes I was accidentally involved in some disputes. Only one person in a group of individuals lost a courtesy and apologized. Others think that it is justified. As if forgetting the cause of the matter. Give a step down, get a inch, and always say that others hurt yourself. Here, I think it can be explained by one thing in physics; the role of force is mutual. When one side exerts a force, it is not only the other side but the other side, not only the one who is stressed. First, the other person wipes the wound, but he has to endure the knife on his body. How can he know that other people's bodies are also scarred and need to be wiped? Because the bridge of friendship he never understood is always a two-way street. And just as I understand it, I have to face a group of people who don��t understand the situation. It is impossible to say if there are really no friends. It��s a must-have to say that it��s such a person who is a friend all over the world. After all, there is money, color, wine and meat gentleman's friendship is as light as water, the sweetheart is sweet as honey. I would like to use this to my former, present friends. And those who are originally Wholesale On Newports Cigarettes, now strangers. I suddenly felt that I was not confused Wholesale Cigatettes. The confusion is that they should also wake up.
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