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> The Spring Festival is about
сообщение Aug 22 2019, 04:55
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The Spring Festival is about to arrive, and people who are out of the house are ready to go home. Once a year, only when the New Year is over, it is the time when the hometown wanderers want to stay home and fly to the nest. I also started thinking about home and want to go home to see, but where is my home? Where is my home again? Now in my heart Cigarettes Online, it has become a vague concept. Where is my home? Where is my real home? I can't find a home, I have a baby, I love my parents, I have left me, and finally sent my little uncle, and I have no concern at home. Looking at the old old house in my home, the desolate courtyard, the old-fashioned house, the table and chair that I have not used for a long time, only left me with sadness and sorrow. My heart can no longer help see the sting that the sorrow brought me, and I don't want to go back to the home that once brought me warmth. After handling the funeral of Xiao Shu, I gave my family to my church. Even though there was a house that I and my wife personally built, even though it was the place where my three children grew up, even though I used to be able to hear the voice and swearing words of the mother, even though it was left there. I have endless thoughts, and I decided to make a decision. Parting, I couldn't help but cry out. I got on the bus and left my hometown where I grew up and learned to go to school. Although my husband and children have repeatedly enlightened and comforted, it is still difficult to resolve my inner sorrow. When the car went out of the village, I couldn��t help but look back and look back at it. I would never look back at my second home. I was afraid that I couldn��t restrain myself from jumping off the car and returning to my desolate Family Carton Of Cigarettes. Children and children have already established their own homes, each has their own small nest, and with their own children, I think they can not understand the kind of love that Dad has for his hometown, the kind of memories of childhood, the kind of me and The old companions continued to work hard to renovate the house and cover the house, the kind of feelings of home to the old people who died. Because they are still small when they leave their hometown after all, after all, they don��t have so many impressions on their hometown, and naturally they can��t talk about their attachment to their hometown. Between the fingers, I have been away from home for nearly forty years, and forty years back is the finger. My husband and I have been together for more than 40 years, and both have entered the ranks of the elderly. The body is as old as the same old machine, and it is maintained by the maintenance. It is no longer the vitality and glory of the year. Young overloaded, his wife is suffering from diabetes. My right eye thrombosis was almost blind. I had a surgery for myocardial infarction and I didn't get rid of it. After almost a year, I almost mourned. In August last year, I had to put two more brackets. Fortunately, my heart was wide and my mind was suddenly weak. I didn't take me away twice. For me and my wife, the three children care for us. The three grandchildren let me and my wife enjoy the joy of rejuvenation. The harmonious and happy environment gives us spiritual support and strength Cheap Cigarettes. We are confident to overcome the disease and meet tomorrow. Since I returned to the city from my hometown for the last time, my son took me and my wife to Beijing, taught me to type on the Internet and set up my own blog. Years ago, I accidentally discovered the hometown of Zhangzhou Forum. After landing, I added a spiritual interest. Through the window of the hometown forum, I can always understand the hometown dynamics, but I also have a homesickness. Now, I am graffitiing every day, and I will post an article to my blog and hometown forum from time to time. When the weather is fine, you will go out with your wife. In less than a year, many famous sights in Beijing have been visited, and blog posts have been written a lot. The days are too full. The two daughters came to Shijiazhuang from time to time to give a phone call, and my grandson and granddaughter would also video chat with me online on Sunday. I am very satisfied with it, but as the Spring Festival approaches, my heart is still missing. Returning to my hometown will inevitably cause my sadness. Besides, my family will not be reassured to me; the home of my children can of course be called my home, and in which child's family is also Chinese New Year. However, I negotiated with my wife to discuss it, and I thought it would be better to return to Shijiazhuang��s own nest. There is also a suite of its own. In the past, the children will come to us every year. This year, I will return to Shijiazhuang for the New Year. The children have always been centered on us and respect our choices. The daughter-in-law promised to drive us back next week. When the Spring Festival is reached this year, all three children will join us for the New Year. Next year, next year, let��s talk about the situation. Going home for the New Year, where is the family? This year's Shijiazhuang can only be counted as my home. I think that no matter where the New Year is, the children will come together and give me a joy and warmth. I should thank my three filial children who gave me a happy old age. Besides, there is also a forum website of my hometown. On this platform, I can celebrate the festival with my hometown father, and I will be able to round my dream of returning home. Outside, the soul is enough in the hometown.
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