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> ands. Like a butterfly, I flew
сообщение Sep 19 2019, 10:23
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When our life vomits, we are still learning to walk, and then the colored pens draw our colorful childhood; when our lives have been freed from the shackles of the seeds, we are already enjoying the bathing of knowledge. At this time, the pencil set up the foundation of knowledge; when our life flourished, we have already stepped into the hall of youth, which is the beginning of the pen and the storm. Son, wear a flower coat, come here every spring, ask the swallows for you to come, the swallow said, 'The spring is the most beautiful'..." This song is familiar to everyone, it accompany us to cry, accompany us to laugh Accompanied us through the happiest time of childhood. Remember when I was a child, holding a colorful pen to doodle the little swallows in the sky, round head, semi-circular body, plus a scissors tail, all, began to color The horses and tigers are all painted black, one force, oh, the paper is broken! The face is covered with dark clouds Parliament Cigarettes, the swallows are shot, the next step, can only be buried, I wish it good luck to the lens two "a ball trick Kicking, kicking and kicking to twenty-one, two eight five six, two eight five seven, two eight two nine thirty one..." This is a game of jumping rubber band that I was very popular when I was a child. The girls jumped on the rubber bands. Like a butterfly, I flew out my own brilliance. I remember that when I enjoyed the fun outside the window, I was competing with the a, o, and e books in the classroom, and I had a big mouth in the class. Eat it in your head, after class, copy Over and over twenty times of homework, or a pencil, this friend is loyal, and it is with me to defeat this abominable pinyin. Although sometimes a penalty is tens of times Marlboro Gold, but the pencil is still with me. We are the world's first good brothers shot three "Let's scull the sculls, the boat pushes the waves, the water reflects the beautiful white tower, surrounded by green trees and red walls..." This song is my school's time to hang in A song by the mouth, I yearn for the quiet life of happiness and freedom. I remember that at that time, we practiced the pen word, and with the standard, we learned a variety of knowledge, life has also entered a climax, freedom can only It��s what we think of out of thin air... I don��t like pens very much, the weight, the nibs, the colors that make me unable to accept it for a while, my brain is also the door that opens for it after half a year Online Cigarettes. Unconsciously The pen has been with me for three years. It has already reached the throne in my world. I can't live without it. With the change of colored pencils, pens and pencils, my life is also bit by bit. Changing. The pen is my soul, waving stroke in my life also exudes a bright light
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