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> Warrior- Leveling warrior is wow classic gold, wow classic gold buy at mmogo.com
сообщение Jul 18 2019, 12:16
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BFA is shit for leveling up. was made by wow classic gold buy them this way so folks will simply pay to increase to max level. Tons of other horrible things hierlooms, heirlooms also ruin pvp battlegrounds at reduced levels, there are no class quests, super simple mode dungeons,

LFG ruins WoW Classic, flat up so quickly your gear means nothing and is substituted immediately, no talent trees, no community in any way, merged servers you never observe the exact same person after, smaller world because of teleporting and auto zoning, much more flight points anyplace ruining it, mount super soon ruining size of entire world. Much changes that are horrible. devs are fucking retards.

Warrior- Leveling warrior is wow classic gold NOT easy nor fast usually finding yourself in need of assistance on class quests or waiting a couple more levels to perform it unless you happened to have spent a lot of time farming which right set of blue gear or dropped gold on a purp weapon.

Unless your hardcore equipment to it warrior is better as the 2nd character of someone. As also with endgame you'll be following leather from the countless rogues in classic plate was created for tanking stats. You be hurting unless top officer or the the guild leader calling gear shots.
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