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> the forefront, and I
сообщение Sep 4 2019, 11:09
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Outside the window, we can see what can see the endless sea, can see the lush distant mountains Parliament Cigarettes, can see the clear sky, can see the tall buildings. I was sitting in a classroom of a large experimental class in a famous high school. I was on the road, looking for a distant look at the window and asking myself. I kept thinking, always asking, I asked myself how I was on the road. From the beginning of elementary school, I chose to study in order not to let my parents down. The teacher did my due diligence and let me put away the mischievous heart. I took this road to the middle school and still chose to study. Although there was not much gain in the primary school, there was no faster than others, but I decided to walk in it. On the road. The new teacher is still pushing me forward, holding me up Newport Cigarettes Coupons, more competition, more exams, more opportunities and challenges. I walked across the road with the help of the teacher. . Just because I still remember the sentence I saw in the first day: "Since you have chosen a distant place, you will only care about the wind and rain." Therefore, no matter what happens around me, I walked away from my own, toward my own distance, and then like others. After all the hardships and hardships, I came here, but the road may not be the same as the opening test of the elementary school junior high school. I lost the defeat; the final exam, Yu Yu returned; the senior high school entrance examination, my name is Luoshan. I walked on the road, fell, climbed, and fell again. My memory is particularly deep. That year, I got chickenpox. I asked the teacher if I could recover, I would take the final exam as usual. In the month, how can I say that I am still tired than going to school. I have to take an injection in the morning and afternoon, and I can't move it on my bed. I can go out and eat and sleep. I will review myself and do my homework. I will not check my online question. I feel really desperate, but the result is 173. ------A result that is far from my normal level Cigarettes Online. I am not saying that no teacher can't teach at home. Even if you pay a lot, you may still fall, or you will not be reconciled. I want to say that even if you work hard, you think you are desperate, maybe you can't change anything. What about frustration? What about despair? Do you want to be degraded? Is it going to be abandoned halfway? Is it so far on the road, do you want to go back? Do you want to stop? Of course you can't. No matter how much suffering, how many times have you failed, how many times have you fallen; no matter how badly you are going to change, how bad it is, how faint it is, how to go on this road! After so many years, I have suffered a lot, and I have abandoned so much and changed so much. What is it for? It is for a dream of a young man, for the distantness of the dream, so that when he finally finishes his head, he can say to himself: "Working hard." Because on the road, you can't stop or look back. I can't let everything go to the forefront, and I will go to the east. Now, on the road of high school, my youth is a scene. I seem to be like a play. I cry for a while, laughing for a while, and I am proud of it. I am dejected for a moment, but no matter whether it is happy or not, it is on the road. It is on the road, it can't ruin the way it used to be; since it has chosen a distant place, it must be determined that the future is unknown, and the future is unknown. I have nothing to rely on; indeed, it is now bleak, and we cannot live up to our own blood and not see the dawn; indeed I have worked hard and have not seen a return. The salted fish turned over or salted fish, and the silk struggled or silked; but, I will continue on the road until I reach the distance, never give up the sky or the dark, the sunset will turn red on the horizon, no matter whether the mountains or the sea are gradually Sink into the dark. The lights in the distance have turned on. I have to start again and I don��t know why. I wrote this illogical essay, perhaps to give myself some emptiness and confidence, or just to talk about masturbation.ust the road is still there, the distance is still the same, I still need to raise the whip, don't let this good time.
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сообщение Mar 21 2020, 18:52
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