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I have been studying in the campus of the Five-Year School for three years, and I think that I know every corner of the school: the red brick and white wall teaching building, the vibrant aerial playground, the cultural corridor of the ancient Chinese culture... I can introduce them one by one. . So when I was promoted to junior high school, I thought, what new things would be there? I was fortunate enough to find a window mokingusacigarettes.com. Every morning, when I read early, I read the text in a high or low position in this clear window. "Everything looks like you just woke up, and Xin Xin opened his eyes..." Reading and reading, my eyes saw a touch of green - on the stone wall in front of the old banyan tree, the creeper climbed in a patchwork manner. Outside the window, just outside the window! I am pleased to look at the "a large piece of wall bricks, which are yellow-brown volcanic rocks, which are glued by deep gray cement. The green climbing is like rock climbing. The feet are on the uneven rock wall and walk as you like. On the way, from time to time, several unknown friends emerged from time to time, playing and walking with them. In this way, at first glance, the wall is full: green, grass green, emerald green, micro green, the green overlap, the layers are distinct Green is so casual, green is so comfortable! The patterns of the yellow and yellow on the leaves are dense and dense, and are more fresh than other dense greens. Each leaf is not the same as the other Cigarettes For Sale, each leaf I was so happy that I was so happy that I was able to show off my crisp throat and sing a song that was turned around Newport 100S, and it should be with the light wind." The breeze blew, the grass leaves rustled, and the stone walls of the long sway "sway". There are no large waves of green waves on the wall. The green leaves just shake their heads, like us who read early. The solid body of the stone wall supports the weak ivy, so that it is so sloping upwards, so green and green. Looking at it, my heart is gradually brightening up. In the autumn season, the scenery here is still spring and brings hope. Every day is new in the familiar campus. How can I lose the eyes to find beauty and hope? How can the year count in spring's, just getting started, some work, some are hopes... The early reading sounds out the window, intertwined with the green leaves, I think: the house is a brand new, still There are a lot of scenery, waiting for me to slowly taste a green shadow outside the window, a me in the window, intertwined into a new landscape.
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