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> meaning of rejuvenation
сообщение Oct 7 2019, 04:45
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On Saturday afternoon, our small group of reporters came to the Chinese Medicine Museum of Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to learn about TCM Chinese medicine, and strive to be a small Chinese medicine practitioner! Entering the museum, a Chinese herbal medicine fragrance immediately rushes to the nose. The gods are refreshing. In the first exhibition hall, we first met the Shenlong Yandi of Niutou, Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" Cigarettes For Sale, and Zhang Zhongjing's "Treatise on Febrile Diseases"... I feel the wisdom of the ancients and realize the long history and profoundness of Chinese medical history! Among them, the "Five Birds" made me particularly impressed. The Wu Qin Xi opera is a traditional fitness method created by the famous ��God Doctor�� Hua Tuo in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Among them, tiger-shaped liver, deer-shaped kidney, bear-shaped spleen, bird-shaped lung, scorpion-shaped heart. If all of us come to practice the five-bird show every day, then each of us will be awesome! Go through the first exhibition hall and go to the second exhibition hall of "Heaven and Man". In the progress hall, the yin and yang gossip array on the top of the head and the ground on our feet seem to blend together, and the clouds are also clear and turbid. In this way, we walked into the world of famous medical scientists of all ages. The copper people made by Hua Tuo, each small point on the body represents a single acupuncture point. The acupuncture points of the human body can be quite a lot! The founder of Zhang Hengchun pharmacy is not called "Zhang Hengchun" because "Heng" is eternal Marlboro Gold. The meaning of "Spring" is the meaning of rejuvenation. It is the principle that this medicine is for people to do things... When we first came into contact with these interesting knowledge, and we could not learn the knowledge in the textbook, everyone listened carefully. Write down the notes, for fear of missing a knowledge point! Next, we came to a very special exhibition hall - "Daofa Nature." The small reporters are all interested, and all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines are presented in front of everyone: Dragon Tooth, Cinnamon, Ganoderma Lucidum, Wulingzhi, Ginseng, Polygonum Sinensis... Even the fennel used by mothers when cooking, the octagonal is also Chinese medicine! Many animals And some of the plants may be very good Chinese medicines, it is amazing! I also understand the incompatibility of Chinese medicine, "eighteen anti-" and "nineteen fears", the original Chinese medicine is very useful Attentive, can not be mismatched, and sometimes it is counterproductive! Finally, we also know the various logos on the modern pillbox, which makes me feel the great progress of the motherland medicine. Chinese medicine is a dazzling cultural treasure of our motherland, we should vigorously Carry forward the national quintessence of the Chinese medicine Newport Cigarettes, carry forward this traditional medicine, and pass it down from genera
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