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> When dawn crossed
сообщение Dec 2 2019, 05:47
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When dawn crossed the sky, "Tick, Tick ..." The rain was raining, and this day seemed to be doomed to be a parting day. I remember someone told me before that a short departure was for a better reunion, but when it really happened to me, I found myself not so calm. Graduation exams can't be avoided in elementary school, junior high school exams can't be avoided ... This not only means that one person has entered another stage, but also means that you will be separated from those of your classmates. On the day I was still a primary school student, 7:00 am I came to the classroom and found that the people in the classroom were all unhappy Cigarettes Online, less noisy, less laughter and less reading, all just sitting quietly in position. What day is it today and why is everything so abnormal? Yes, today is our graduation exam, which means that our six years of primary school life is about to end Marlboro Gold, it means that we are about to separate, I silently walked to my seat and sat down, unconsciously, an hour passed, 8: At 00 o'clock, we all entered our respective test rooms and waited for the first test. This time, without a teacher, we were much quieter than when we had a teacher. During the test, I faintly heard that someone was twitching. After the exams, we all went home for dinner. When I got back to the classroom, I found that people had come almost. Maybe it was because we wanted to stay in this classroom longer, longer, longer ... best , Never leave, always in this class, always with these classmates Newport Cigarettes Coupons, always in this seat, always these teachers finished the exam at 4:30 pm, some people went home with a sad expression, and some of my classmates Staying in school, I wanted to stay a little longer, and after a while, someone finally couldn't help it, she cried, and then the whole atmosphere was rendered by her, and this cried aloud The one who was lying on the table crying, I looked at them and thought that they would no longer be together at school. The tears burst into their eyes, and the tears became more and more. "Dr A single tear hit the ground, this tear, Contains the past six years, symbolizing parting.n this way, we went home separately, maybe there will be no more contact in the future, but I remember that person told me that parting was for a better reunion, and I believe that one day, we will once again with our best face Encounter, that parting day that will come soon is for a better reunion.
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