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> It is another year
сообщение May 13 2019, 11:40
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It is another year of turbid wine and joy, and it is a year of long pavilion farewell. In Kankan's life, we are always obsessed with something called length. A road, a river, a rainbow after the rain, an endless memory, a long song with a beginning and no end. Most of what we hope for is this life, and the beauty that allows us to laugh and laugh can be extended indefinitely, never ending. However, the endless time of the river, let us continue to stop, only to have memories of the good and a group of graduates leaving school Marlboro Cigarettes Supply Store, watching those who pull the suitcase, gradually drifting back, I Suddenly, I felt so sad. It seems that the next one is leaving, but I don��t know if anyone will stare at me like I am staring at this group of people Marlboro Red 100S Pack Price Online. In that situation, I might be the best for youth. time. After the baptism of the college entrance examination, we have gone through all these difficulties and embarked on this piece of paradise. At that time, we were still innocent, young and tender, thinking that such a wonderful time is enough for us to squander. Only in the unconsciously, the ringing graduation bell, we were shocked. It turned out that for four years, but the fingertips said that the graduation party was a summary of the four-year college life, a thank you. Every year's party is brewing a lot of ambiguity. After this day, the university really has nothing to do with you. We are always full of novelty every year to see our graduation party Super Cheap Cigarette Free Shipping, watching the tears of the farewell that others have in their eyes, listening to their affectionate remarks. Looking back at the past, I only think it seems to be a big dream. How can the university be finished? Just don't know, when it is time to leave, the party, who is preparing for that party? That kind of situation, I am afraid that there will be no more relaxing pleasure today. Only when I have experienced and felt, I know that there are too many solid points on the infinitely extended invisible line of time. We are always caught off guard and go to a certain point, and then wave goodbye to the direction of the coming. Sometimes, we can't know where the next point is, how it will appear, and it always makes us messy. Unprepared Wholesale Cigatettes. Sometimes, we obviously have already predicted the emergence of the next point, but it is still inadvertently, so it is so swaying, and even when it is too late to prepare, it is said that life is like a long river, misty and misty. A lot of things we can't understand and can't see through. Perhaps from a scam, a book, a magazine, we will understand some truth. However, there is less experience, how to say, there is a bit of paleness. When we have a deep foot, a shallow foot, and the way we have come, we will slowly realize the true taste of the university and string together our youth and youth. It is said that youth will never leave Case Of Newport Cigarettes Price, but the graduation season that can be learned, but it is really the use of the whole youth to make a curtain for the evening party, slowly closing, obstructing the line of sight, it seems that some things will stop here. When the next year, when the flowers are full, they will complain again.
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