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> I was really shocked. Large and s
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In the morning mist, she became more and more old, and she wore a waist, like a thin cockroach. Heart, can not help but faintly twitch. ����Inscription The enthusiasm for the Spring Festival has just dissipated. The streets are full of large and small cartons, and the ground is full of shredded firecrackers, leaving people with nowhere to go. In a few days, the original appearance of the pavement became more and more visible Cigarettes For Sale. I thought it was the road that people opened when they were travelling, but they didn't want to hear the "pilp" sound from the alleys in the street. I went looking for it, but I was really shocked. Large and small Online Cigarettes, a variety of cartons are pressed into pieces, neatly placed into several piles, tied with rope, like goods for sale. An elderly woman, like a chopsticks, is dragging a pile of boxes, which is really worrying that she will fall in the next moment. She bent her back on her back, rubbing her hands together, tearing the carton away, stepping on it with her feet, squashing it, two times, one or two... it��s really distressing, she��s so Hard work. All day, she is like an indefatigable tree, blossoming, and as a result, the fruit is ripe and falls, and continues to bloom. As a result... the world is looking for boxes, pressed into pieces, piled up in piles, and then find a box... Can you stop? When can I let go of my life? It was like being slammed into something, and the heart was hurting more unconsciously. After a while, someone drove the car to collect it. She looked at the scale in the hand of the man. "Let's have a little more, more." She pleaded. The piles of labor results have become a few votes in her hands. She also wiped the sweat from her head and carefully counted it a few times, then carefully plunged into the inner pocket as a treasure. Standing in the same place, laughing silly, contented like a child. I couldn't smile, my eyes were full of distress, I felt bad about the lack of results after she was busy Newport 100S, and she felt that she would never stop and make a living. Such desperation, such a thirst is enough to make people feel distressed, but also enough to give people a shock
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