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> Life is like a long
сообщение Nov 2 2019, 09:37
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Life is like a long river, seeing the beginning, but not seeing the end. People who have traveled most of the journey said: "I really love the days when I used to play on the campus." The recent graduates who have just stepped into the society but are struggling everywhere say: "I really envy those children who are still on the campus." Perhaps every successful or unsuccessful person will often refer to "youth" and refer to the words "campus". Perhaps, the power of a time when people are above the 10 Marlboro Lights,000 people, in the days before them mokingusacigarettes.com, Can not help but become soft, perhaps, only those who have experienced, will understand the preciousness of youth, understand that time is gone forever. After dinner, I always took my mother to go downstairs for a walk, soothing the nerves of the day. Every time I saw, some small children, under the leadership of their parents, stepped forward step by step and fell. Either the tears are ticking off, or they smile at the parents, revealing the teeth that have just grown, and then they will be picked up by their parents, and walk in the direction of home comfort. "I really envy!" I looked at their backs and couldn't help but sigh. "Ah? Envy what" Mom is looking down at the phone, suddenly heard a word without warning, really shocked. I pointed to the sound and shadow that had been blurred in front of me and sighed: "Envy them can be carefree every day, unlike us all day at the table madly brushing questions!" When the mother listened to me, she would accept the phone. When I got up, I said, "I still envy you!" You now have excellent study conditions. Where can we be? You can now play on campus without worry, play and learn new knowledge, and we can only deal with the people around us, and the people we contact are all the same professional, unlike when you grow up. There can be a wide range of social circles. To be honest, I really admire your age and dare to fight! "I am stunned, and my ears have always been the mother's phrase "I envy you Cigarettes For Sale." Every time I remember, it always seems to have a different taste. Some sweet, it seems to recall the good times of youth at that time; some bitter, It seems to be sighing the innocence of pure love; some acid, seems to be envious of our flower-like age and tender face, forever squandering vitality; a bit salty, seems to be left every time when turning to the photos of the student era The taste of tears. "I envy you," I believe many people have said that because we often look at others too much, and we are unconsciously missing the most expensive things. People's lives are A chain, there will always be a younger child than us, than our elderly old man, but as long as we live one day, youth will exist for one day. Life is too short, don��t just be busy envious of others, let your tone only be sour, because here At the same time, some people are envious of us.
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