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With all of the benefits involved with article marketing it might seem surprising to learn that some marketers out there do not like using it as part of their advertising efforts. When researching this I came across some interesting reasons. First reason. They don't believe in it. I list this first to address the issue of marketer who simply did like to do it or didn't get the results they thought they should have. One of the most important aspects of this type of advertising effort is to realize that it takes quality articles to attract attention. Often times Kyle Walker World Cup Jersey , articles that read like sales copy is simply ignored by the reader, if they are published in article directories at all. In other cases, the article may have been poorly written or made no sense to the reader. Or the information was simply not in demand. One of the best possible solutions is to hire a ghost writer to write the articles. This can be an extremely cost effective way to get quality material on almost any subject. The Second Reason. They don't like to write or go to www.yourarticlecash A lot of people suffer from this condition. Would you believe that some of the most prolific and successful writers today have this problem? They might even state this openly. There are numerous ways to write articles without it becoming a chore. You can brainstorm ideas on paper and pick the best ideas. In some cases, this can led to not only one or two articles but a whole lot of them. One thing I would not recommend doing is copying someone else's work and calling it your own. Doing that will get your site penalized in the search engines which can be costly. Remember that content is king and original content rules. As mentioned above, you can hire a ghost writer to work for you, or nowadays Kieran Gibbs World Cup Jersey , you purchase software that can help you generate articles in a short amount of time. It may require some time to learn how to use the software, but it can make the job so much easier or visit www.effective-contents The third reason is related to speed. For some odd reason, people tend to expect overnight results. Unlike other types of advertising efforts, like e-mail promotions, article marketing takes time to produce measurable results. The more articles written, the better the possible exposure. One other point to mention is that Jordan Henderson World Cup Jersey , unlike e-mail marketing, there are no risks involved writing good quality articles. The upside here is that they can build your reputation. That also plays a key role in article marketing. It is the viral effect that makes this type of promotions so effective, but it takes time. This viral effect can also help with search engine rankings depending on how keyword rich the articles are as articles tend to show up on search results more than the webpage they are linked to. www.article-submitters www.yourown-article-directory Li Na waves to fans from the center court after a ceremony marking her retirement at the Wuhan Open in Hubei Province on Tuesday. — AFP
LI Na said her ground-breaking career can be traced back to the death of her father when she was 14, a pivotal moment which meant tennis success was her “only chance.”

Li said she had to grow up quickly when left to support her mother, a realization which shaped her life.

“I think I was a pretty normal girl in the way I grew up (but) what totally changed my life was when my father passed away,” she said.

It sowed the seeds of a career which yielded two grand slam singles titles Jonjo Shelvey World Cup Jersey , the first for an Asian player, and brought tennis to China’s masses.

The reigning Australian Open champion was speaking in her home city Wuhan, days after she tearfully called it quits over persistent knee injuries.

Li, 32, made special mention of her father in her retirement statement last week, saying: “You’ve remained the sunshine in my life and I am who I am because of you.”

Late in her career John Stones World Cup Jersey , it was another fatherly figure in the form of coach Carlos Rodriguez who would prove influential as he brought Li out of a slump to win the Australian Open in January. Under the Argentinian, Li became a different, more composed player — and less confrontational off the court.

“He said, “You are a good player, or a great champion,” Li said. “I was like Joe Hart World Cup Jersey , ‘It is the same. Why?’ And he said, ‘No, it is not the same. A champion has to be like everywhere a champion, not only on court.’”

Li’s family had struggled financially after her father, Li Shengpeng, died when she was taking her first steps on the tennis circuit. But with the determination that would mark her ascent to world No. 2 Jamie Vardy World Cup Jersey , Li focused on tennis to navigate the family out of hardship.

“I was thinking, you are a pretty big girl, you have to take care of your mom,” she said.

“When father passed away I think that was when I would say: ‘The only chance is you have to be a good player.’”

Two years after her father’s death, Li joined the national team. “I never talked to my mom to say how (I) was feeling, even during the time I didn’t like tennis James Milner World Cup Jersey ,” she said. “I used to tell her, ‘I love tennis. I want to continue.’”


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