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> It is also the annual
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It is also the annual Mid-Autumn Festival. The bright and bright jade-like moon is hung in the bright night sky. Every year, the Mid-Autumn Festival can cause different delusions and memories. However, this Mid-Autumn Festival, which varies from person to person, is very interesting to me personally. Now I have a sweet and intoxicating feeling. In the evening, my mother put the incense case on the balcony as early as in the past, putting colorful and tender fruit, each A variety of moon cakes, facing the moon in the sky, bright and bright, watching the worship, pray for the good fortune of the whole family. After the worship, we can't wait to taste the moon cakes of many flavors: there are five-flavored Newport Cigarettes Coupons, red bean-flavored, lotus-like, and double-yellow... round, yellow-orange-orange moon cakes have long been spurred The locusts in my stomach, seeing the exquisite words above, suddenly felt like the words on the top and bottom, and danced with joy and said to me loudly, "I'd better eat, choose me, choose me, choose me." . I have carefully selected a moon cake with a lotus-like flavor. I can't wait to bite it down. The sweet taste, the fragrant smell, and the lotus-flavor flavor blend together. They stimulate my taste buds joyfully, and the mouth feels full of silk. Slip, delicate as tea, refreshing, comfortable as a whole, as if floating in the lily, beautiful, wonderful to taste the moon cake, my brother proposed to go to Longhu to enjoy the moon. I am very excited when I think about the holiness of the moon on the shore of Longhu Lake. So we came to Longhu Marlboro Lights, how do you feel better than the moon at home? The moon is such a big, such a circle, so bright. Is it to welcome me or the setting of Longhu to make her more like a girl in a white gauze, quiet and serene, gentle and generous? Her silver-plated face was hung with a gentle smile. Around her is full or small, or bright or dark stars, eyes squinting, as if whispering with the moon girl, my brother feels that only the moon is not energetic, propose the whole family to be a small game, We all agree very much, that is, we will pass each other with a balloon Carton Of Cigarettes, and at the same time, one person will sing, the song will stop, and the balloon will be in the hands of anyone. Who will tell the poem about the moon. The game started, we all recommend singing beautiful mothers to sing, and the mother also agreed to generously. Together with the song Marlboro Red, the balloon was passed up in our hands. The balloon was passed around in our hands. Suddenly, the balloon felt like a bomb. It fell into its own hands and could explode at any time. Suddenly, my mother��s beautiful and beautiful singing stopped. Everyone saw the balloon in the hands of Dad. We all laughed and leaned forward. ��Dad came, Dad came.�� My brother and I cheered up, and Dad stood up without hesitation. Get up, clear the throat, pretending to be deep, like a poet, behind the hand, shook his head and shouted at the moon, "Before the bed, the moonlight, there is no cake, look up the moon, look down on the cake." Don't say, Dad really has a poet's style! Mother said it on the side. The game continues, this round turned out to be me, the excited heart almost jumped out, the poems that I prepared early in my heart Marlboro Cigarettes, suddenly flew in my head, my little heart,ѽ ��In the chaos, my brother urged me on the side, and my father and mother looked at me with encouragement. The calm surface of Longhu was gently blown by the wind. Under the illumination of the lanterns, suddenly my aura flashed and blurted out. "The grass is breezy, this year, there are more gifts, what can be widened, and the moon cake is the best." Suddenly relaxed in my heart, I finally passed this joint. Mom and Dad��s brothers cheered, and the game was over. It��s too late, and we��ve returned home. I really don't want to leave the Longhu Lake. As the shadow of the moon is westward, the shadow of the magnolia tree in front of the window is fascinating. The footsteps of August 15 are getting farther and farther. The sweet story that happened in this Mid-Autumn Night is written by me as today's story.
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