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> Childhood is a net woven
сообщение Jun 3 2019, 05:36
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Childhood is a net woven with childlikeness; childhood is a song made with childlike heart; childhood is a tower constructed with childlike interest... So childhood is lingering in my memory, now, not in my heart She was occupied by childhood. I didn��t have a bit of heart to accommodate the rest. Now I just want another childhood. But time can��t go backwards. It used to be before and I can��t go back Wholesale Cigarettes. Now I can only Thinking about the childhood Marlboro Gold, the innocence of childhood, but more of the joy of childhood. Before I remember, I was so naive to warm the rag doll; help the chicken out of the eggshell; bathe the chicken; give Pups eat cold medicine; let the birds swim in the water; let the fish walk on the ground... What a "folly"! But that is only happening in childhood. Oh, boy... Now, just the cover of the left sentence, the perfunctory sentence of the right sentence, I really can��t find anything better than this. You fight for it all day, and there��s no darkness, no one, no darkness. Enveloped, but no one noticed that even if they found out, no one would want to use the great unity of strength to destroy this darkness, but let the darkness continue to extend and continue to extend... so that the darkness lurks in the heart. Oh, childhood is so worthy! Beautiful childhood! Pure childhood! A childless childhood! A childhood worth cherishing! A childhood worth remembering! You left me, the rest is just a desolate wasteland! Do not! Never! Childhood, please return me to an innocent childhood, and throw away this dirty and false reality, oh! Yes, absolutely! As long as everyone gives a sincere heart, I believe that this darkness will be difficult to retreat Marlboro Red, believe me, will definitely! Everyone works together to defeat the darkness and create a bright future! Although childhood is no longer my own, I can create a time that is better and more precious than childhood. What do you say? I think that you have the same insights as me. There is a bit more maturity between the eyebrows, and there are some melancholy fields in the field. There is no madness between me and my friends. On the grass, there are more whispers of friends. In the classroom, there is no noisy classmates; in the seat, more is the promotion of the childhood of the knee, the ideal seems to be a step closer; the childhood is gone, the maturity is also quiet; childhood is gone, life has a few more rainbows; Childhood is gone, we also know how to be grateful; childhood is gone, the flower of youth has been swayed; childhood seems to leave a permanent smashing childhood in the heart Carton Of Cigarettes, and we are greeted by the test of wind and rain, the unpredictable youth is surging The vast sea, we are just a small boat, and the manager of childhood is like the sail on the boat. How can we grasp the steering wheel of life without going through the ups and downs of childhood? If you don't say goodbye to childhood, how can you sail into the sea of ??life? If you don't step into youth, how can you have a bright future, goodbye, childhood, goodbye to the childish time, the face is the mature atmosphere; goodbye childhood, goodbye to the fantasy only, with practical efforts to meet the beautiful and splendid The future may be that you think that childhood is not distressed, carefree, but have you ever thought about such a long road of life, flat, rugged, if all are flat, the road will endless, where is the dream? Where is the future? Childhood has gone, but can not be immersed in a nostalgia and regret, the departure of childhood Cigarettes For Sale, indicating our maturity, shows that the dream is "at your
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