Bills Hey , kids! Yours truly has the Stock Market Report for the next couple of weeks, because Ted is blessing the rains down in Africa or something or other on vacation. Im assuming that nobody has told Ted that Africa has snakes, because if they had Id think that the midwestern United States would be just about as close as Ted would get to the place.But, even though Im making jokes at Teds expense, at least he had the good sense not to sit down and subject himself to the absolute hot mess of a garbage pile of a dumpster fire of a complete freaking disaster that the rest of us subjected ourselves to on Sunday afternoon. How bad was it for the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills? Well, we have this little number from Chase Stuart from the outstanding Football Perspective website:Yeah, it was that bad. The Vikings afternoon was a disaster right from the start, and it only got worse from there. They were a three-score favorite, and the competitive portion of the game was effectively over by the midway point of the second quarter. All in all, for fans of the purple, it was a pretty bad day.Isnt that right, Mr. Powter?Cause you had a bad dayYoure taking one downYou sing a sad song just to turn it aroundYou say you dont knowYou tell me dont lieYou work at a smile and you go for a rideYou had a bad dayThe camera dont lieYoure coming back down and you really dont mindYou had a bad dayYou had a bad dayThe Stock Market Report for the Minnesota Vikings Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day follows.Blue Chip StocksDan Bailey, K - Pretty much the only guy in a Minnesota Vikings uniform that wasnt a complete and total screw-up for most of the day on Sunday. Kudos to you, sir.Solid InvestmentsStephen Weatherly, DE - I dont want to completely crap on everyone. . .though there will be plenty of that in the next category. . .so I will say that Weatherly had a solid first NFL start with Everson Griffen sitting this one out. He tied for the team lead in tackles and had a sack, and I didnt see a lot of egregiously awful stuff from him. So , for a young guy making his first start, Ill give him a little bit of credit.Junk BondsThe entire offensive line, and especially Riley Reiff - The Vikings offense managed to generate just about nothing in the first half of play. A lot of that had to do with the fact that Kirk Cousins was under siege. On each of the Vikings first two drives, Cousins fumbled on third down plays. On both of those plays, he was hit from behind. Is some of that on Cousins? Sure it is. But that was the start of a pattern we saw all day.Reiffs play was particularly egregious, given that hes the highest-paid member and the de facto leader of the offensive line. Jerry Hughes ate Reiffs lunch all afternoon on Sunday. Not only did Hughes eat Reiffs lunch, he followed Reiff home, and when Reiff went to the refrigerator to get himself a snack, Hughes ate that, too. I know that Reiff isnt considered an elite tackle or anything, but man alive hes gotta be better than he was on Sunday.The rest of the offensive line was relatively awful on Sunday, too. Now, on a short week, they have to prepare to take a trip to the West Coast to face what might be the best front four in the NFL. Whats the worst that could happen?Anthony Barr, LB - I know that Eric touched on this briefly in his preview leading up to this weeks game, but I want to ask this:Exactly what has Anthony Barr done since the hit that knocked out Aaron Rodgers last October?Heres a summary of Barrs first half:Honestly, this is a guy that sat out a little bit of Organized Team Activities earlier this year because he saw lots of people getting new contracts and not him. Hes a guy thats playing for his next contract, whether its in Minnesota or somewhere else. If he keeps playing the way he has been so far, frankly whoever wants him can have him. I dont know if its rooted in injury or disinterest or unhappiness with his contract or what it is White Danielle Hunter Jersey , but he damn sure doesnt look like a guy that Rick Spielman and company should be preparing to back up the proverbial armored truck for.Ill grant you, just about every guy on the Vikings defense on Sunday had a bad game. Im not sure if any of them had a worse game than Barr, and in Barrs case its becoming more of a pattern.I could greatly expand on the Junk Bonds section, but wed be here all night, so lets move on.Buy/SellBuy: John DeFilippo let this game get away from him - To say that the Minnesota Vikings play calling was unbalanced on Sunday would be the ultimate understatement. In 65 offensive plays on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings had six rushes. Two of those runs came from Kirk Cousins on scrambles, which means that the Vikings called four designed runs on Sunday afternoon against the Bills.Four. As in, like, one per quarter. Mike Boone and Latavius Murray had two carries each. That was it.I know that Dalvin Cook sat this one out, but seriously. . .there needs to be some sort of balance there, even when the game gets out of hand early.Sell: John DeFilippo isnt a great offensive coordinator - That having been said, I do think that DeFilippo is a good offensive coordinator overall. Hes shown a lot of things to be excited about over the first few weeks of the season, and I think that a game like this is going to prove to be the exception rather than the rule for him going forward. Besides, he didnt make Kirk Cousins cough up those fumbles and put the offense in a terrible position early. Much like Bob Schnelker, that was not John DeFilippos fault.Buy: The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of talented defensive players - Its hard to deny that the Vikings have numerous talented players on the defensive side of the football. Guys like Danielle Hunter and Linval Joseph and Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes are all among the best in the NFL at their positions. There are as many talented players on the Minnesota Vikings defense as there are on any other defense in the National Football League.Sell: The Minnesota Vikings are one of the best defenses in the National Football League - Having said that, something has happened to this team and theyre not even close to anything resembling a great defense. Not anymore. They fell apart in the second half against New Orleans, they fell apart against Philadelphia, they werent great against San Francisco, they werent great against Green Bay White Brett Jones Jersey , and they damn sure werent great today against Buffalo. They still have the reputation of being a great defense, certainly, but as of right now theyre coasting on that reputation a bit.Buy: Mike Hughes has all the skills to be a great return man - Weve seen all the highlights, and we know that part of the reason the Vikings liked him coming out of college was because of his potential ability as a return specialist.Sell: Mike Hughes needs to bring every kickoff out of the end zone - Having said that, Mike Hughes is not Percy Harvin or Cordarrelle Patterson. Yes, I know the Vikings were looking for a spark today. However, on the three returns that Hughes brought out of the end zone on Sunday, he failed to reach the 25 on any of them, and on two of the three the Vikings were penalized, pushing them back to inside their own 10-yard line. Sometimes its okay to just take the ball at the 25-yard line. Somebody needs to tell him that.Buy: This is one of the most embarrassing losses in recent regular season history - All of the indications were that the Vikings should have won this game in a big way. The Bills got throttled in their season opener and didnt look great in Week 2, either. The Vikings were at home, they looked to be the better and more talented team on paper, and they were looking to bounce back after their tie against the Green Bay Packers in Week 2. But, that didnt happen.Sell: The 2018 season is over - That said, this is Week 3. Yes, the Vikings have two very difficult road games coming up. Yes, its very possible that this team could be 1-3-1 after those two games. But this team does have talent, and although this is humiliating and not at all what we were expecting, theres still a lot of football to be played. The Vikings have to make some adjustments and get some things straightened out Youth Linval Joseph Jersey , but its only September. At least, thats what Im going to keep telling myself.Id give you a Grandson Quote of the Week, but. . .well, I dont have kids. Therefore, I have no grandkids. Therefore, I have no such thing along those lines to offer you.Thats this weeks SMR, folks. Ill be back with this next week as well with Ted still being on vacation. If the Minnesota Vikings NFL-worst rushing offense is going to get things turned around on Sunday in Philadelphia, it sounds like theyre going to have to do it without their top running back.According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Vikings are not expecting running back Dalvin Cook to play on Sunday.Cook was injured in overtime of the Week 2 tie against Green Bay, and sat out of the Week 3 loss against Buffalo. While he did play on Thursday Night Football in Week 4 against Los Angeles, he was on a pitch count, and wound up sitting out the entire second half of that contest.Due to a combination of the hamstring injury and the relative ineffectiveness of the Vikings offensive line, Cook has gotten off to a disappointing start to his comeback season. He has just 98 yards on 36 carries so far this year, and now it appears hes going to miss his second game in three weeks.Hopefully the Vikings run game, sans Cook, can get something going on Sunday to balance out the offense a little bit, and when the Vikings return to U.S. Bank Stadium in Week 6 he will be ready to get back onto the field.