The Cardinals loss to the Raiders on Sunday dropped them to 2-8 on the season and head coach Steve Wilks said on Monday that hes trying to make changes that get the team on a better path.Wilks said he is constantly trying to evolve and come up with new ideas while citing the change at offensive coordinator and alterations to the practice schedule as things that have already been done. If Wilks cant show signs of progress in the final six weeks Youth Patrick Peterson Jersey , speculation that a change involving him could be on the docket will only get louder.On Monday, Wilks said thats not something thats part of his thought process right now.Im just focused right now on trying to beat the Chargers. Thats the main concern, Wilks said, via I havent really thought about that and I think when you start trying to consume yourself and worry about whether youre going to be here next year or worrying about this, you lose focus on whatin front of us and I dont want to do that.The trip to L.A. to face the Chargers will be followed by one to Green Bay and there are also trips to Atlanta and Seattle as well as a visit from the Rams left on the slate. Thats not an ideal schedule for a team trying to generate momentum, but its the one that Wilks will have to navigate as he makes his case that hes the guy to right the ship.The Cardinals alphabet guide to understanding training camp The Arizona Cardinals officially open training camp today.Tyler and I took turns look at the ABCs of the 2018 Arizona Cardinals training camp.Arians era is over - Gone is the winningest coach in franchise history. Also gone is Camp Med, with days off, and veteran treatments.How does the Steve Wilks era play out?It will be interesting to watch.Bring on the football - Finally, something to get somewhat excited about. Feels like this offseason in particular has lasted forever.Christian and Chad - The Cardinals desperately need a young receiver to take hold of the room.They need someone who can take the pressure off Fitz and possibly鈥?Extend his career?David Johnson - one hit wonder or face of the franchise? This will be his most important season yet and will dictate the direction the Cards go this year and beyond. It starts in camp , where DJ has ended his holdout and is back in action.Early end to camp - Steve Wilks has already put his mark on Arizona Cardinals training camp and it hasnt even really started.Less open practices, more outside practices and an overall shorter camp.Wilks has the team breaking camp just before their week two preseason tilt with the New Orleans Saints.He is using the week three preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys as an opportunity to get the team into a game week scenario.Fitz and鈥? - who is going to line up with Larry Fitzgerald at wide receiver? Chad Williams, Brice Butler and Christian Kirk are all candidates right now. Gunter, Rodney - The Cardinals desperately need production from their interior defensive linemen and Gunter has taken a step back since an initially solid rookie campaign.In his contract year can he step up?Helicopter - Antonio Brown showed up to Steelers training camp in a chopper like a baller. Somebody on the Cardinals (my bet is on Chandler Jones) needs to one up that performance.Iupati, Mike - Iupati is one of the keys to the offensive line for the Arizona Cardinals.They need him to comeback healthy and having found the fountain of youth.If Iupati is a destructive force in the run game it will take the pressure off of鈥osh Rosen - Lets see what hes got...Kicker battle - While Matt McCrane isnt a household name, he should present a worthy challenge for incumbent Phil Dawson.The 43 year old Dawson will have to show he is worth the big payday he is scheduled for if he makes the roster for the Cardinals.Lines - both the offensive and defensive lines have a lot to prove. Additions have been made, schemes have been changed, but fans still have yet to be satisfied with the performance on either side the past couple of years. Hopefully thats all about to change. Mike Backer - Is Josh Bynes really ready to play as the starting inside linebacker in a new defensive scheme?Can he man the middle between two athletes learning new positions as well?New quarterbacks - what do any of the three new guys have to offer? So far, we havent seen much of Sam Bradford , Josh Rosen or Mike Glennon. Which one will separate themselves from the pack?Offensive Change - The Cardinals are not going to be the high-flying Arians attack of old.No, their new game plans will likely resemble what we saw with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback for Arians.A short, timing based passing game that gives a rhythm passer like Sam Bradford time and works off a hopefully dominant run game.Patrick Petersons pal - Tyrann Mathieu is gone and left behind are Budda Baker and Antoine Bethea as the starting safeties. The team also just signed Tre Boston, who figures to get plenty of snaps. Hopefully the secondary still plays with that level of swagger that they did at times before. Quarterbacks - No position will be watched more this camp.Who stands out?Reddicks rise - the Cardinals arent exceptionally deep at the linebacker position and will be relying heavily on Haason Reddick to have a stellar sophomore year and live up to his draft status. Safeties -Out are Tyrann Mathieu and Tyvon Branch.In are Budda Baker and Tre Boston.How do the new do versus the old?Will the new defensive scheme be as safety friendly as James Bettchers defense was?Time is now鈥?or never - For many players on this roster, its now or never for them to prove they belong. Brandon Williams and Robert Nkemdiche are the first two that come to mind. Ugly - The Cardinals have talked ad nauseam about their offense being based around the run game.They want to win ugly now.Defense and running the ball.Do they have the horses up front?Victories cant be moral - Whoever is named the starting quarterback, whether its Bradford or the rookie Rosen, they are going to be expected to win games. Moral victories wont help them retain the starting job. Wins - Tyler hit the nail on the head.You cant go from most successful five seasons in franchise history to worrying about moral victories.The production needs to start from the jump and wins are what matters most.X - Seth definitely gave me the even numbered letters just so I would get X. Now Im throwing him under the bus. X-Factor - The Cardinals need Robert Nkemdiche to be the X-Factor on defense and become the player they hoped he could be.Youth Movement - The Cardinals were consistently one of the oldest teams in the NFL under Bruce Arians.Now, it is time for the youth movement to start.They need their young guns to take control and usher in a new era of Arizona Cardinals football.Zoom! - The Cardinals need to get through this training camp and preseason healthy and hungry and ready for a great regular season!