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PARIS red air max 2019 outlet , Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- PSA group, France's leading automaker, announced on Wednesday an agreement with its Chinese partnerChangAn Automobile to jointly develop a new platform and a newone-ton pick up by 2020.

Following their cooperation accord already signed in June, thetwo partners agreed on a new vehicle platform to be implemented inDing Zhou ChangAn plant blue air max 2019 outlet , in north China's Hebei Province, whichdedicated to LCV s (light commercial vehicles).

At the first stage, the vehicle would be offered to Chinesecustomers and Groupe PSA overseas markets, the statement said.

According to Patrice Lucas white air max 2019 outlet , Executive Vice President (EVP) ofPrograms and Strategy at Groupe PSA, "This new product... willcontribute to achieve the objectives set for the Push to Pass planregarding LCVs with a target to increase volumes by 30 percent by2018 and triple overseas volumes by 2021."

For his turn, Mingxue Yuan, EVP Cooperation and Strategy ofChangAn said "This first common development for a new generation ofone-ton pick-up is a great opportunity for both companies to hitmarkets in China and Overseas. It is a strong milestone in a longterm cooperation between Groupe PSA and ChangAn." Enditem

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Posted by loganmattila19 in Home on August 12th black air max 2019 outlet , 2016

We all own some furniture and decorative items that might not be good enough to be placed in the living room but are a part of priceless memories. No matter how old and withered this stuff is, you just don't want to throw it away. Whether it is your daughter’s toy truck or your slam books and diaries, you want to keep these beautiful memories inside boxes and save them from getting lost. However, with the ever-increasing number of home appliances and decorative objects in your home air max 2019 outlet cheap , you hardly have space to accommodate all those cardboard boxes full of memories. In case, you can relate to this problem then you must consider building a small shed outside your home. This shed can be used to store a lot of stuff that you do not use every day. Apart from this, you can also use this shed to store garage equipment and various other useless stuff.

In case, now you are ready to build a shed outside your home then you should look for metal carport kits for sale. Metal carports can be a great structural element to build a shed outside a commercial or residential space. They are lightweight and can be easily installed to build a garage air max 2019 shoes outlet , barn or shed. In spite of being lightweight, this structural element is quite robust and buildings made from metal carport can stand for year in a row without much maintenance and care. Metal carports are mostly made of steel and are resistant to corrosion. So, these structural elements stay safe from the impact of environmental factors like humidity. This gives a long operational life to the metal buildings that are constructed from metal carports.

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