In the countryside, I suddenly saw a small piece of bamboo forest, the branches and leaves were lush, the waist was straight, and the bamboo section was striking. The vegetables planted around them compete with these bamboos for fertile land. Who planted bamboo? This quiet and idyllic past life is enviable. Not far away, a small school, Lang Lang's reading sound drifted into the ear, carefully discerning, reading is the verse of "spring planting a grain of millet, autumn harvest of 10,000 sons; four seas without idle fields, farmers are starving to death." The bamboo is secluded, there is a small slate under the bamboo forest, sitting on the slate, in the bamboo forest, the breeze blowing, the bamboo leaves licking, squatting on the face, cool in the heart accompanied by the bell ringing, the children are led by Xiaohongqi Go out of the campus. Soon, happy playfulness flooded the village's paths, and the children might be hungry, running, and jumping past the bamboo forest. No child destroyed the bamboo, and no one trampled the vegetable field. Do children know who is planted? A young man with glasses came to the bamboo forest with a bucket of water. He was the teacher of this rural elementary school Cigarettes Online. He took a lettuce and garlic from the vegetable field next to him, then washed it in the bucket and put it in the bucket. Half a bucket of water was poured into the vegetable field, and half of it was moistened into the bamboo forest. According to the conversation, there are more than a dozen teachers in this school. Except for him and the other two teachers, other teachers do not live on campus. In order to save resources, three young teachers living in the school took turns cooking. It turned out that in order to solve the problem of teachers eating, more than a decade ago, the principal came forward to coordinate with the village and allocated the nearest vegetable plot to the teacher. Later, with the integration of educational resources, there were fewer students and fewer teachers Online Cigarettes, and the vegetable plot was much larger. Later, a teacher did not know where to get some bamboo seedlings, planted in the vegetable field, and now it has become a forest. Today, bamboo forest has become the spiritual home of these rural teachers and students. Under the witness of these bamboos, a group of students left the town to go to the town, the county and the outside to study. Some young teachers in the bamboo forest witnessed the harvest of love and career progress back to the bamboo forest Marlboro Cigarettes, recalling the small bamboo seedlings in the teacher's Under the care of the already established forest, isn't the children also bamboo?
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