I always want to write something in front of my computer every night, because the habit that I have been forming - the diary, is not written now, with the singing of milk tea, or the "later" that every time I hear it will make me feel a lot. Suddenly, I listened so quietly, inexplicably fell into a contemplation Cigarettes Online, remembered a lot of distant pasts, so I read some of the words I wrote before, and my thoughts and air merged into my body. Flowing in every cell of my body. Some memories are arrogant and overbearing. It is still silently occupied somewhere in your heart. It is a kind of ingrained. I once thought that I have to be rooted out. It��s just a force, and it brings a burst of pain. On the bustling streets, occasionally I saw a couple of small couples, dressed in school uniforms, who looked like they were sixteen or seven years old. They often embraced each other and sometimes they kissed me and kissed the passers-by. What kind of gaze. Looking at them will make us feel so shy about the "aged" middle-aged people. Looking up, it is already the evening of Hua Deng��s early days, the fleeting moments of the years, the memories always make people feel sour and sad that we were so unscrupulous, but at that time the so-called ��fail to take care of the body��, there is no such Children are bold, sometimes they care about how others see you and miss you. Now that everything has passed, the love at that time, though simple, is so hurtful. I don't know if you, like our age, will occasionally think of your pure first love, and what kind of mood will you remember Parliament Cigarettes, is there a tear that is moving with happiness in your eyes, and you are speechless? I always thought that for a long time, all the wounds will slowly get better. If you don't hate it, you will really not love it. Slowly, we can always rely on our own efforts to let those hurts fade away a little. Occasionally, I can also ask for time, and let some things that are memorable gradually become blurred. I have been working hard and want to go back to the familiarity of yesterday. In fact, I understand that if I lose, miss, or pass, I can��t go back. The hasty years passed unconsciously, and later I discovered that I never got or left a habitually touched feeling, too many feelings that could not be expressed in words, but in the years of growth, A dead end that must come out. What we can't put down is not love, it is a memory, we always bind us together intentionally or unintentionally. The word love is easy to reach our hearts. At that time, we like to pay for what we believe, and when we look back Marlboro Lights, we used to It is so different from now. I will remember myself during that time, just because of love, everything will become willing. When life comes, there is no love or love. Love has become a family, just more than a former responsibility, a love, a tolerance, a rational thinking, those things buried by time, not that we deliberately want to hide, but for a long time, those The past feelings and hurts will find a suitable place to collect. Sometimes I would rather remember it occasionally, and I don��t want to say it again, because some things may not be known to us, and some memories are actually enough for us to suffer for a lifetime. I��m afraid to say it, it��s another decision.
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